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Automotive, Fuel & Marina Equipment Sales & Service in Tilbury, Windsor, Essex & Kent Counties

For smooth-running fuel equipment trust the TSSA certified technicians at Jack Smith Fuels. We are qualified inspectors who service automotive, fuel and marine equipment in Tilbury. We also offer premium quality fuels, solvents, lubricants and more.

Call or email us to inquire about our available equipment.

The images below represent a small variety of both lubricant and fuel equipment Jack Smith Fuels has supplied and/or installed for customers across Windsor, Essex and Kent counties. We supply a selection of ready-made equipment for any fuel or lubricant need and we also offer custom-designed equipment to meet your unique requirements.

Equipment style and colour may vary depending on manufacturer and model available. Click on images for larger view.

Coencorp Fuel Management Systems

Coencorp offers The FuelZone Fuel Management System for fleet management. The Fuelzone Lite Management Systems a more economical system that allows you to expand the system as you grow. The GCC10 allows for fuel maintenance with no excavation or wiring involved available with its own software package.



Whether for home or office, there are many affordable ways to keep warm. Learn more about energy efficient rebates and incentives.

Lubricants From Top

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industry-leading lubricants that are sure to keep your equipment  running smoothly.

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